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3 Red Lights on your own XBox 360 Kinect - Don't Try the Towel Fix

By Neil Lesfrance 09/07/2013

While you are reading this short article then generally there is actually a beneficial potential you have come across the purple ring of death through your XBox 360 , and that is indicated by 3 purple lights displaying on your own gaming machine XBox's ring of light.

Generally there is the additionally the good chance you have looked the internet for how to cure this particular error and come across the method of repairing your very own XBox 360 labeled as the towel fix or perhaps towel trick.

This particular tends like an easy and straight forward way of getting your XBox 360 back up and working, but you want in order to be alert of the drawbacks of using this method.

* Exactly what is the towel fix?

Basically the towel fix involves wrapping the towel around your very own XBox 360 Kinect. In abruptly the fix goes since follows:

1. Wrap a towel around your very own Xbox 360 Kinect.

2. Flip your XBox 360 through for around 10-15 mins.

3. Turn off your XBox remove the towel and also leave in order to cool up.

4. Flip your very own XBox back on.

When this doesn't solve your problem then try once more.

* Precisely why is actually the towel cure supposed to work?

The 3 red lights on your own XBox 30 error is resulted in by overheating making the solder connections inside your machine in order to loosen and split. Supposedly the towel fix raises the temperature around your XBox in order to that degree that the solder softens and causes the connections to re-join. To observe product Click Here: <a href="

* Precisely why shouldn't I try the towel cure?

Because it is one a temporary fix. Individuals which have tried the towel cure and got it in order to operate have additionally reported that any XBox 360 had been repaired for exclusively the short and. Oftentimes it offers the resulted in their XBox to work for a few days, however as part of most situation it offers one worked for a day or two.

Additionally, the 3 purple lights on your xBox 360 Kinect is actually some kind of overheating mistake, think about it, exactly how might wrapping a towel around your XBox 360, consequently cover every one of the vents and causing your very own XBox in order to overheat even more try to be the permanent fix.

Recently there is a expected for bringing the environment inside your very own XBox to that high level that it can start a fire which can transfer in order to the towel and also potentially your home.

* So just what can I choose?

1. Get as part of touch with Microsoft support and also send it separated for repair. The primary drawback with this option is it could cost your around $150 if your very own XBox is actually no lengthier covered by the warranty and also it can take between 1 and 2 months to try to be repaired and also returned to you.

2. Purchase the new XBox 360 People with this error (exclusively if it is actually from warranty) have just chose to buy a new to help them in order to get back in order to gaming since quickly since possible. As part of some cases they have available any faulty XBox 360 on eBay to be able in order to cover a few of the run of any new purchase. Many men and women which understand simple tips to cure the red ring of death purchase faulty XBox 360's to be able in order to fix and also resell them. Naturally generally there is actually a expected for your XBox to either not sell or only sell for a few dollars.

3. Your very own third choice will be fix the XBox 360 Kinect purple ring of death yourself. This is simply not because difficult as you can think, generally there are many guides in order to correcting the Xbox 360 red ring of death what you might get for less than the price of a new XBox 360 or the expense of forwarding it in return for repair in order to Microsoft.

These Xbox 360 fix guides give your packed guidelines, many with instructional videos, to let you in order to cure the 3 purple lights through your XBox 360 error your self, with equipment your most likely already have as part of your very own home, as part of around 1 - 2 hours.

At the end of the day it's up to your if you need to choose the possibility and try the towel cure, however your do so at your very own own danger. Just try to be sure you have got taken inside account all of the things and also choices raised as part of this post and also be sure your do not allow your very own Xbox 360 Kinect unattended.

About the contributor: Neil Lesfrance invites your in order to browse 3 purple Lights On Xbox 360 where he provides a free review in order to the very best guides he has found on simple tips to Fix the 3 purple Lights Through Your XBox 360 error.

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